Droll Pranks for Rich Boys

The wealthy young gentleman's guide to horseplay

Put pebbles in another fellow’s slippers. When he slips them on first thing in the morning, the poor chap’s day will be off to a rocky start!

Break the bridge on another fellow’s pince-nez spectacles. The poor chap will be forced to wear glasses with earpieces, like a nearsighted nitwit!

Tamper with the whistle on another fellow’s tea kettle. When the water begins to boil, it will sound as if the poor chap’s faulty pot is breaking wind!

Snip off another fellow’s forelock. You will delight in the poor chap’s sorrow as he grieves for the loss of his loveliest curl!

Break the motor on another fellow’s dumbwaiter. The poor chap will have to have his food delivered by hand, by one of his dumb waiters!

Steal another fellow’s train ticket. The conductor will think the poor chap is trying to ride the rails for free, like an itinerant hobo!

Put a grocer’s bag in another fellow’s automobile. His friends will think he calls upon the grocer himself, like a dim-witted errand boy!

Steal another fellow’s coin purse. The poor chap will be forced to carry his “loose change” in his pockets, like a pinball enthusiast!

Skip stones across another fellow’s tranquility pond. You will delight in the poor chap’s disquietude as he reflects upon the agitated waters.

Replace another fellow’s cologne with grizzly bear pheromones. The next time he strolls through the woods, the poor chap will be lucky to leave with just a bear hug!

Chisel down the private parts on another fellow’s statue. You will rejoice in his shame as he is mocked for his tiny marble manhood!

Put Xs and Os at the end of another fellow’s letter. His friends will think he closes his missives with hugs and kisses, like a randy schoolgirl!

Put an extra argyle stocking in another fellow’s dryer. The poor chap will think he has one stocking too few, when really he has one stocking too many!

Tie-dye another fellow’s blazer. You will delight in his humiliation when the poor chap is mocked for his coat of many colors!

Steal another fellow’s milk. The poor chap will be forced to eat his cookies undunked, like a street urchin!