Droll Pranks for Rich Boys

The wealthy young gentleman's guide to horseplay

Replace another fellow’s cologne with grizzly bear pheromones. The next time he strolls through the woods, the poor chap will be lucky to leave with just a bear hug!

Chisel down the private parts on another fellow’s statue. You will rejoice in his shame as he is mocked for his tiny marble manhood!

Put Xs and Os at the end of another fellow’s letter. His friends will think he closes his missives with hugs and kisses, like a randy schoolgirl!

Put an extra argyle stocking in another fellow’s dryer. The poor chap will think he has one stocking too few, when really he has one stocking too many!

Tie-dye another fellow’s blazer. You will delight in his humiliation when the poor chap is mocked for his coat of many colors!

Steal another fellow’s milk. The poor chap will be forced to eat his cookies undunked, like a street urchin!

Add one more corner to another fellow’s tri-cornered hat. You will rejoice as the poor fellow is roundly mocked for his stupid square hat.

Dismantle the motor on another fellow’s carousel. The poor chap will be shamed by the stationary horses on his merry-go-nowhere.

Slightly raise the nets on another fellow’s tennis courts. The poor fellow’s next tennis performance will be a comedy of unforced errors!

Dull the blade of another fellow’s letter opener. You will delight as the defeated fellow cries himself to sleep on top of a pile of unopened letters!

Alter another fellow’s portrait so that his hand is not in his jacket, but in the waistband of his pants like a common pervert.

Train another fellow’s dressage horse to do the Lambada. His fellow equestrians will ostracize him when they see his horse’s dirty dancing!

Replace a lock of hair from another fellow’s beloved with hairs from a donkey’s rump. You will delight as the poor fellow lovingly strokes the coarse, foul-smelling hairs across his rosy cheeks.

Replace another fellow’s anti-aging cream with accelerated-aging ointment. The poor fellow’s face will sag like the skin on an old tomato!