1,001 Droll Pranks for Rich Boys

The wealthy young gentleman's guide to horseplay
Written by Dan Bulla :: @DrollPranks

Add gutters and walls to another fellow’s ‘infinity pool.’ His guests will feel no sense of awe as they splash around his sad, finite pool.

Give another fellow a bottle of 1959 Chateau Lafite Rothschild and a faulty decanter. You will delight as the poor dupe suffocates his wine.

Heed the call of nature in another fellow’s vineyard. Next year, his pinot will taste like pee, no?

Hide small weights in another fellow’s ballet slippers. At his next recital, the lumbering clod will be mocked for his oafish pointe work.

Cut a hole in another fellow’s butterfly net. You will delight in his exasperation as he blunders through the garden, whiffing at monarchs.

Knock another fellow’s piano slightly out of tune. At his next cocktail party, the poor fellow’s salon will sound more like a saloon!

Place trick candles on another fellow’s birthday cake. As the despondent fellow huffs and puffs, you will delight in his unfulfilled wishes.

Shave down the tines on another fellow’s dinner forks so they are indistinguishable from salad forks. His dinner guests will be perplexed!

Steal another fellow’s parasol. After his next noonday stroll, the poor fellow’s sun-kissed cheeks will be as pink as a farmer’s!

Scrape the name off another fellow’s yacht and replace it with the name ‘Sea Pig.’